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Clearing Agent + Logistics + Transportation + General Order Supply


We are pleased to introduce our self as one of the leading Clearing and Forwarding Agent particularly in the field of Customs Clearing.

We also provides logistics, transportation, labor arrangements and general order supplies. With a humble beginning, by the Grace of Allah today, we are leading the Clearing & Forwarding Industry

Zayb Enterprises was first established in Karachi,Pakistan . Our company was founded by a hard-working man, Attiq Ahmad, who established the foundation of our business through timeless work of diligence and persistence. His development of alliances overseas and his dedication to perfecting clients’ products is the basis of our success and growth. Today, Attiq Ahmad and his devoted team continue to operate the business giving the preeminent services with the same focus and commitment for 15 years.

Zayb Enterprises ambitiously hoped to bridge the gap in the trading business. Countries abroad have an extensive source of laborers. His goal was to clear the cargo the moment it arrives while decreasing the time cost of customer. Through hard work and dedication, quickly acquired expertise in the industry and were known for the delivery of quality products, customs documentation , carting/receiving goods, examination of the shipments, arrangement of the customs processing and sealing, import/export procedure , logistic with efficient and dependable services.

Since then, we have worked closely with our clients to perfect their products and provide services tailored to meet their specific needs & our quality driven performance resulted in considering Zayb enterprises as backbone for the reliable delivery of services

In 2015. We added an additional division to its lineup; Zayb Enterprises expanded their expertise as a national general order provider. Through the diligence and loyal support of our team we expanded to supplying a variety of products. As we increased in size, we created a full-line of customizable services, including global sourcing, production planning, engineering, import logistics, warehousing/distribution, and after-sales communication. Our experienced engineers and bi-lingual employees are always productively facilitating communication between manufacturers and customers. We are able to offer excellent service and quality at competitive overseas prices.

We have been successfully growing our business with our strong supply chain by continually expanding our customer base including custom clearance & consultancy, general trading, contractor, transportation services. We are confident in our continuous growth, and grateful to God and all who have been our supporters along the way.

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