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Logistics & Transportation:

As a full service supplier, Zayb Enterprises has the skills, facility, and equipment to tailor the movement of your products through the logistics process. Our first class services are fully EDI capable and designed to streamline every step. We can provide online inventory tracking, material lot control, lot traceability, and import/export services with an international customer base.

We provide reliable, efficient and fully insured transportation management solutions so that your product is safe at all stages of transfer. Our team of certified experts efficiently manages the complexities of imported and exported goods. Our staff takes care of all documentation requirements and rapidly addresses contingencies that may arise during the whole process. We strive to be a preferred full service provider of international logistic services by complying with all governmental regulations, and by supplying you with the quality management and superior customer service that you require. While specializing in the expeditious movement of cargo worldwide, ZAYB manages & controls the movement of cargo between nationwide points via air, sea, rail and roadway utilizing a network of partners located throughout the world. ZAYB brings the skills, expertise, and knowledge to provide value added services to meet the challenge of today’s global economy and create new opportunities to provide quality logistics management. Our logistics experts handle all customs documentation and duties associated with the transportation of your goods, to guarantee that your shipment arrives safely and securely from the factory to your required destination. Why invest in staffing, equipment, and infrastructure when we can provide best in class logistics and superior customer service at a competitive price? We are agile, flexible, and accessible, and can keep your goods flowing through the supply chain efficiently, accurately, and dependably.

General Order:

Zayb Enterprises is nationwide sourcing service and product Development Company that provides a broad range of integrated logistics management, general order supply, projects management orientations services tailored to your needs and designed for operational excellence. We have developed long term strategic alliances with our world-class global manufacturers that consistently provide high quality, competitively priced products on time. If you are considering outsourcing, please contact us and let CEI bring the world to you. From initiating design stage developmental engineering support, tooling/sample review tooling to tooling maturization, preproduction review, to PPAP [first article, control plan and FMEA] factory production planning. Then continuing through vessel booking, customs clearance, warehousing, packaging, bar-coding / labeling, distribution, shipping, and delivery, we are with you every step of the way offering streamlined processing and full supply chain visibility. Putting your project in the hands of our expert team overcomes all obstacles of time, distance, customs and language.

In today's global economy, attaining a competitive edge is crucial to success. Let our experience and continuous improvement work for you. We not only insure our products, but we guarantee the goods we secure for you meet or exceed your requirements and expectations. Whether it's a new project or re-positioning of an existing product, we will provide you with the utmost value.

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